Back Pain: The Quick 10 to relief.

When we speak of the spine, we are speaking of the most integral part of the human body that manages to maintain or hold our body weight. It is when the spinal cord or the back that goes weak, the knees take the weight and that’s where the problem starts.

Keeping track of the fast-paced life we tend to forget how important our body is to us. It’s only when it starts giving up, that we start taking care of it. My article today is to encourage a preventive perspective on good health. Backaches are a common issue most people in the world deal with, for some, it’s so common that one sign and they pop in painkillers. As gruesome as it could get, but much to our surprise, just a few postures in yoga can relieve you of the chronic back pain you’ve been dealing with for a while. In case the back pain is strong, intense and constant, it is to show a doctor and practice under a certified yoga therapist or physiotherapist. The few of many postures one can do to get relief from back pain are The Bridge pose or Setubandhasana, one leg fold or wind-releasing pose or pavanmuktasana and its variation, the child’s pose or shashankasana, Vakrasana lying down, shalabhasana, backbends like bhujangasana or sarpasana etc… twisting postures are a good relief to the back too.

Apart from the postures, one should stretch and do exercises every two-three hours considering the kind of work they are into. If you’re running about all day or doing a desk job, a five minute to ten-minute break is a must wherein you could just do a backbend, a forward bend and a few hand and neck exercises or just relax into a meditative state of mind. While doing these stretches, one should keep in mind the contraindications and their limitations.

The following are images of the quick 10 postures for immediate relief to your general back pain.

Disclaimer: All the postures are to be done under the guidance and can be practised by those who have no other physical issues.

Setubandhasana or the bridge pose

Pavanmuktasana/wind releasing pose

Pavanmuktasana variation 2

Pavanmuktasana Variation 3

Pavanmuktasana variation 4

Sarpasana (10secs hold thrice)


Shalabhasana (To be done with each leg)

Child’s pose or Shashankasana

Core strengthening. (10secs hold thrice)