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Yoga is Your Natural State

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I can go on and on about RUPALSTHENICS but still words will fall short to describe Rupal As her workouts are no less than A POETRY IN THE WORLD OF FITNESS.
Her attention to details like individual health/physical issues,managing to make every workout different than before,however tough it may be always making sure I give it my ultimate ,however exhausting the session may get but still not a second of boredom is experienced.Am always looking forward to my yoga time because it's the master herself who is so much fun to be around that yoga with her is destressing and elevating.
Thank you for introducing me to a lifelong relationship with YOGA &THE YOGINI..
love always


"MY Dear Yogini Rupal,
Has Made Me A Dedicated Pupil.
Most Of Her Excercises Are Brutal,
But Always Immensely Fruitful.
Her Aura Is So Youthful,
That My Energies Get An Automatic Renewal.
What Matters The Most In My Workout Is Her Approval,
Coz She Is My Guide And I Call Her My FITNESS GOOGLE"


"It's like working out with our friend ... our sexiest friend! So that's enough to keep us motivated"

Shubhra Shetty & Anurag Kashyap
Shubhra Shetty & Anurag Kashyap Phantom Films

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