Yoga For Chiselled Face

Trending today is how to get the perfect hot bod, with a defining jawline and chiselled face. There’s so much one can do to make your face look at its perfect without going under the knife. Most of them can be done with your normal breathing exercises with a few funny faces. A good laugh is a healthy way to start your day, isn’t it?

The things you do in your regular life in itself can so much to achieve the jawline you have been working for. There are various facial exercises that one can do without trying to intentionally do it, for eg., chewing your food well is one facial exercise that can get a chiselled face or a sculpted jawline, there’s the Satchmo, use it while chewing the gum and making a bubble of it…the smiling fish while taking selfies, the temple dancer when you try your hand at a different traditional dance form, the free tongue can be done anytime you’re playing with a kid etc., etc…In detail the few of the many exercises are as follows:

  1. The Marilyn: It’s the easiest. Just blow a few 5-10 kisses to your loved one every day twice and get stronger firmer lips. The Lion Face or Simhasana: Inhale through the nose and while exhaling
  2. stick your tongue out as much as you can, eyes wide open and hands gripping the air…repeat a couple of times to release tension and stretch facial muscles.
  3.  The Fish face: Also known as our infamous selfie pout…but in an intense way..pout and pinch your cheeks into the hollow of it..this s firm and tone your cheeks, lips.
  4. Bumblebee: Purse your lips while inhaling, and hmm like a bee (bee breath pranayama) while exhaling.
  5. The Free Tongue: Stretch muscles around the lips, chin buys just sticking your tongue out.
  6. Inhale deeply into your mouth, and transfer the air in your mouth from one cheek to the other and swishing it. (firming of the jawline and chiselled look of cheeks)
  7. Open mouth in an “O” and tilt your head behind and close or push your lower lip to touch the upper lip. (double chin, firm jawline, cheeks)
  8. The Brain Freeze: Smile intensely, stretching your lips side to side with mouth slightly open, and tightening your chin, skin on the neck and jawline.
  9. Repeat 8. with mouth closed.
  10. Kapalrandhradhouti: Thumbs on the temples either side and the fingers massaging with a little pressure over the forehead from one end to the other. (reduces wrinkles on the forehead).
  11. Facial massage to reduce fine lines around the face and neck: use your hands to massage the cheeks and neck upwards.
  12. Saggy eyelids: with thumbs on either temple, use fingers to massage in a circular motion around the eyes clockwise and anti-clockwise.
  13. Neck exercises: look right, centre, left, centre, up, centre, down, centre, Diagonal neck movements like right-up, left-down, left-up, right down, and tilting your head on either side with your head moving to the right toward your shoulder and the left similarly.
  14. All of the above exercises will work wonders if Jalneti is done along with it. Jalneti is a kriya or procedure using lukewarm water (a glassful) with a pinch of salt and using clean washed hands to suck water into the nostril, one nostril at a time, to let out the water from the same nostril or the other or from the mouth. (one shouldn’t lie down or tilt head post down this for 15-20mins).
  15. One should do exercise no 10 after jalneti, not only is it ful for the face, but it clears out sinuses, face glow and ward off infections, but also clears the mind and s speed up the process of face sculpting with yoga.