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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

Come close to the divine and learn to be a master with our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Program in Mumbai are you interested in pursuing a career in Yoga Teaching? are you interested to know this ancient Indian practice to maintain a harmony between your body, mind and soul? are you seeking true liberation from the material bonding and lead a life of salvation? are you interested in adopting yoga as a healthier lifestyle for a complete bliss? Adi Yogpeeth offers you a smarter option to learn and master yoga through its 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Mumbai .

Come close to the divine and learn to be a master with our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Mumbai

We will offer you a vividly designed yoga teacher training program which can open up many new prospects for you for a chosen path of yoga.

Why selecting Adi Yogpeeth for your advanced yoga teacher training?

Our yoga school in Mumbai offer you everything that a sadhak (a dedicated practitioner) needs for fulfilling his quest for knowledge. A sacred ambience, a disciplined life, a routine of activities, dedicated learning time, specific and intensive teacher training is only a part of what you get from our yoga school in Mumbai, India. Each of this advanced yoga teacher training in India offered from our yoga school is certified with highest certified bodies, offering you the highest possible recognition as a certified yoga trainer. When you opt for Hatha Yoga TTC or Vinyasa Yoga TTC, we offer you an environment for skilful learning from the yoga ashram in Rishikesh now in Mumbai.

200 Hours Yoga TTC in Mumbai, India

With a view of popularising Yoga in India and across the world, Adi Yogpeeth offers you this 200 hours yoga teacher training Course program for aspiring teachers. This 25 days 200 hours yoga teacher training in Mumbai , india is a fully residential course and is aimed at clearing all your doubts regarding practice of yoga. It also s you to gain deep-rooted knowledge about this ancient tradition of hatha, ashtanga and vinyasa yoga practices. With eminent teachers and learned masters our yoga sessions becomes a session of joy and fulfilment. Certified with highest certified bodies, this 200 hours yoga TTC in Mumbai, India offers the finest course with added recognition for anyone who aspires to pursue a career in yoga as a trainer. Our Yoga TTC program from the yoga school in Mumbai offers you a wide range of choice to learn and master yoga with adequate perfection. With your dedication and our consistent efforts we will make you one of the yoga trainers with internationally recognised certification.

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Course Fees : Rs. 45,000 + taxes
Early bird: 10% discount. Before 20th of each month.

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